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Our mission is to provide our customers with the ultimate experience in puppy ownership thereby leading to many wonderful years of happy companionship for families.

We have been serving Ontario and Quebec for over 40 years.
Our relationship doesn't end when you pick up your puppy; We are here to give you support throughout the puppy's life. You are encouraged to call us whenever you have concerns or questions about your new pup.

We breed primarily Golden Doodles (Mediums and Minis), Miniature Poodles, Miniature Yorkie-Doodles and, Miniature Yorkie-Poos.

All of our Medium Golden Doodle pups are bred from F1B Golden Doodle
mothers with a proven medium size Standard Male Poodle. All of our Golden
Doodle puppies are F1BB's.  This gives  them a coat that is either wavy or curly. 

F1BB Doodles shed very little, if at all.  This makes them a perfect fit for families with dog allergies.  Doodles are smart, friendly and make great companions for children or families and make excellent therapy dogs.

All of our puppies come with a 1 year Health Guarantee. Your pup is dewormed from 4-8 weeks of age with a natural product (Diatomaceous Earth). All pups are given a full extensive Health Check by our veterinarian along with their first puppy shot.

Make an appointment to visit Regal Pups kennel and you will love your
experience here!



Looking for a puppy during the pandemic proved to be quite an experience especially when there are limitations in suitable breeds due to mild allergies in our household. The search was long and frustrating and the breeders sounded equally frustrated due to the overwhelming calls and demands. Pauline finally returned my email that I had left for her husband a few weeks earlier only to apologize for the delay because she was dealing with the loss of her husband. She was so gracious and strong that I admired her professionalism in that moment of great loss that she was dealing with. She was so understanding of our situation and allergies and the loss of hope we had in finding a puppy while I couldn’t get past what she was going through. The bond was instant that this must be a sign and when she said I think I have a puppy available for your family, we were relieved. After going through this first time process of buying a puppy, we never doubted we were on the right path after that first conversation. Equally comforting was the moment we set eyes on the puppy that basically picked us. She melted our hearts and continues to bring us joy, love and happiness every day. She is everything Pauline said she would be and so much more. We had lots of questions and Pauline took the time to answer every one as well as assure us if we ever wanted to ask more questions, don’t hesitate to do so. Thank you Pauline for being a wonderful and loving breeder that you have blessed us with caring for our lovely Cessna for the first 8 weeks of her life. I have since found out that 3 of my friends that fell in love with Cessna have also reached out to Pauline and put on future litter lists because they too said that dealing with Pauline was exactly as I had described to them. God Bless you Pauline and your puppies.

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