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Why Some Goldendoodles Have A Flat Coat

When you think Golden Doodle you think curls and waves but not all will have the trademark Poodle coat. Sometimes, the Golden Retriever genes are dominant and your Golden Doodle will have a flat coat and no furnishings. Rest assured though, you will still have a lovable, loyal and devoted Golden Doodle.

This article is about the least well known and certainly less recognizable Golden doodle; the Flat Coat.

What is a Flat Coat Golden doodle? A Flat Coat is a Golden doodle who doesn't have a typical

Golden doodle look, the curls or waves, and "furnishings" which are the beard, moustache and eyebrows that give him his trademark Golden doodle look. They can and mostly do look very much like a Golden Retriever but are sometimes built like the Poodle ancestors.

The Flat Coat Golden doodle is still a "true" Golden doodle despite his uncharacteristic looks. He will have the same typical Doodle temperament despite his less familiar appearance.


If you own a Flat Coated Doodle your daily routine will be very different and much quicker since he will not have the curls and waves that are prone to matting that the furnished Doodles have. A brush through with a pin brush or slicker brush a few times a week and a rub over with a grooming mitt is sufficient for this type of coat.

Burrs and foliage are less likely to stick to his coat and you will not have the hair between the toes that need to be inspected and combed daily with the furnished Doodle type of coat. The Flat Coat should never be clipped or shaved either so he does not require regular visits to the groomer or clipping at home. However, you should still check his eyes, nails and wipe his ears weekly.

Bathing requirements also differ slightly as the furnished Doodle does tend to trap dust and dirt more which means he may need bathing and blow-drying every few weeks whereas his Flat Coated counterpart can get away with bathing only when he starts to smell "doggy" or has had a good wallow in the mud. A good brush will often be enough to get him looking as good as new.


Yes! Many people are initially drawn to Doodles or Poodle mix type dogs in the first place by searching for a pet that they will not be allergic to.

If you are allergic to dog hair, then a Flat Coat is more likely to trigger an allergic reaction than a furnished Doodle. However, there is more to being allergic to dogs than simply hair as most allergies are triggered by the "dander", the microscopic flecks of skin, shed by all animals and birds or the saliva rather than just the hair.

If you are an allergy sufferer and want to get a dog, the only sure way to discover if a Golden doodle or any breed/mix, is to spend time around the dog you are considering adopting. As a breeder I would not promote the Flat Coat Golden Doodle to people that suffer from allergies. The pups with the curls or waves would be a better choice for an allergy sufferer.


Doodles with all coat types are "proper" or "true" Doodles and all will have the wonderful Doodle nature that everyone loves. A Flat Coat is no less a Doodle than a furnished Doodle. There are people that actually prefer the lower maintenance of the Flat Coat (and don't mind the shedding).

The texture of the hair of a Flat Coated Golden Doodle is truly wonderful to the touch as it is

usually softer and silkier than that of a Golden Retriever and often sheds slightly less. For people that want the Doodle nature but with less maintenance and expensive trips to the groomer, the Flat Coat Golden Doodle is a great pet for you.

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