Golden Doodle Puppies
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       as of Feb. 18/17
Regal Pups is a Golden Doodle breeder specializing in healthy, happy, beautiful pups that can be a part of any family. From their loving personality to their adorable appearances, Golden Doodle puppies are a joy to have in your home. We pair each of our cherished pups with the perfect family to make a complete forever home that will last a lifetime.

Golden Doodles are personable, social, loving and intelligent dogs that play well with and protect children , multiple family members and other pets. They also make excellent therapy dogs.

The Golden Doodle combines the best aspects of the Golden Retreiver and the Standard Poodle, and blends their appearances in red, apricot or honey coloured waves or curls. The Poodle is notoriously known for its personality, loyalty, and playfulness.

Our Doodles range in size from 40 lbs. up to 55 lbs. Their heights range from 19" to 21". This is considered a medium size doodle.
We also have Miniature Golden Doodles also.  They range in size from 22 lbs. up to 30 lbs.  Their heights range from

Golden Doodles exhibit this active, playful and clever combination from their first puppy years and immediately become a member of your family.
Take a look at our Toronto, Ontario Golden Doodle Puppies for sale to find your new best friend. Our new pups steal hearts fast, so contact us soon to pick your favourite puppy!

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Katie's #3 Gold Female
      13 wk Dec. 30/16